Monday, February 16, 2009

The Good Times are Killing Me

That's line comes from a song by Modest Mouse.

I just came back from the Happiest Place on Earth aka DISNEYLAND!! It's a long story about not getting there but I made it! It was so fun I will post picture later. It was amazing, and not only that but I have an ANNUAL PASS to Mickey's Casa. SO if anyone of you want to road trip to the Disney at any time let me know. It wont cost me anything and not only that but if you go with me you get....

1) Free Parking!
2) 10% off of all merchandise
3) 15% off all restaurants (not churros... unfortunately)
4) Hotels! granted Disney Hotels are still expensive but I do have the discount
5) Extra Promotions

So let me know when you want to go and I'll get work/school/everything off. PS Paul this means you. Unless certain plans conflict with the trip... and you know which plans I am talking about.