Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's that time of year...

I am weird. Yes I know. Keep this in mind as I obsess over the next blog.

I like to create seasonal art. 1) Halloween- pumpkins 2) Winter- Snowflakes.

Now to the $100 questions... what season is it!??! It's Egg Laying Bunny Season!! (This season is different than easter- Easter is for the Savior not bunnies) muah ha ha

My newest venture is Pysanka/Pysanky which is a Ukranian form of egg decorating using natural beeswax and home made dyes. I have a fond memory of pysanka as a youth. Reading Rainbow did a special on pysanka, and the art came to mind nearly 15 years later.

Now I just have to start working on getting good. In order to do that I need to buy a kit. I mean come on, I am not going to make my own kyska! Here's my plug for a Egg Laying Bunny Season present. I am OCD about making good art. I'm pretty positive that certain mothers would enjoy some beautiful pysanka. AND for a limited time only it's $26 plus shipping and handling ($8) *Only valid in the US and Canada. Or... we could get the delux version for $42!! or an electric kyska for $140!! Ok... I can sacrifice and deal with a $26 set. That means I would be saving some benevolent people $152!!! Isn't that a steal? Ok mom you think about it and let me know :D