Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Sin of the Palate

Anyone who knows me know that i hate (beyond belief), depise, loath, even have an irrational fear of... CEREAL!!! yeah, definitely hate it. I seriously haven't eaten cereal in... how many years... well since i was five--> so like 15 years. Well, my friends have tried to get me to eat a piece- i usually freak out and wanna puke... but they win me over with money...

Well I was watching the Food Network, and Unwrapped was doing a special on Kashi (a whole grain cereal). Later I remembered my friend Aimee eats Kashi with honey. I love whole grains cuz they just taste better to me. For once in my life i was tempted with cereal. The food of the Crazies... the devil's playmate... the scum between my toes... it had invaded my perfect dislike of "cereal" and turned it into a possibility...

I know right- those who know me must be shocked and appalled!! and probably wish they had been there.

It's True... I ate it with honey (thanks Meems) and i like it. I am a fan of whole grain cereals with honey... ahh 15 years of perfection has been compromised by a sin of the Palate.

My 10 Things


Black and White
Large Blankets that can cover you
Stickey Notes
Girls with their own style
Sleak and Chic
Seamless Conversations
Gourmet Food
Foggy Mountains
Moments of Serendipity


Pencil Shavings
Girls who can't walk in High Heels but think they can
Soggy Bread
Cold Rain

Zits in prominent places
People who act like they are smarter than they are

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Post Mission Stress.... Ugh...

Recently, a resurgence of normal activites are coming back but only change being post mission. From this change of "Missionary" to "Young Professional," I decided to have a thought puke of recent events... please forgive me for the mess

work: it's weird now i have to think about money and my future. The mission was just worrying about the people and the work. Now i have to work to provide for school, food, housing, dates, car, mac... which brings up more stress. What car!?!?! gosh i've budgeted 5,000-10,000 also thinking about do i go through a credit union so i can start generating good credit. credit.. do i get a credit card... i mean i can pay for my car in cash if i buy it in september. back to expenses... mac or no mac? isn't that really the question- granted work pays me well, and i can buy it now... but mac or no mac? aren't we all faced with this question.
went to my first dance on saturday with my friend Elisa... met up with some other friends... for the first 15 minutes i froze... i totally didn't think this would ever happen but it did. And it was horrible. I felt awkward, naked... I believe that if you feel awkward, it's because of yourself not anyone else. i then started expressing how i felt in a totally serious way while being myself as people laughed, sympathized, and smiled. Laughing at myself totally loosened me up- and i danced the night away- it was a blast! until i saw Nan- that's just awkward always
School... it took me 5 hours to write a thesis. It wasn't even hard... i remember how to do- it's just the action was just unfamiliar to me. Ahh oh and now i'm planning out what classes to take... Believe me being a Studio Arts Major while preparing for Med School and the MCAT is no easy feat... Oh well, it looks like tough semesters are ahead.
Making new friends... so i'm at home... all my friends are in Provo or on Missions, which leaves me here... alone. I went to Singles ward last week- i didn't know anyone... plus everyone is older (granted there's no one in UT that is 20). I had no desire to talk to anyone/get to know anyone... really just to get out of my comfort zone. I mean last year i had memorized everyone's name in the ward by the end of a week... what was different?!?! Luckily last week, a girl named Brittany Baxter came up to me and started talking. Then invited me to sit by her, and then said she would go to FHE with me. I felt awkward which i hate... so once again i laid myself on the line and started joking around about my situation- everyone thought it was funny... and i found myself being me, which is ultimately what i like...

It's funny and horrible getting back into the swing of things. I keep thinking about how the expression "Learn from the past, and Look to the future," but I like just enjoying the present... so my friends... Learn from the Past, Look to the Future, but Enjoy the Present

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogging Saved my Life!!!

For the past couple of days, my laptop has been kind of slow especially with the internet. With nowasdays being a high speed everything, I couldn't handle the extra 10 second delay before loading my facebook page or the all so famous BLOG! I decided to do some clean up to try and speed things up by deleteing cookies, history, unused downloads.... you know the works... as well as trying to increase the security a bit on my computer. Well did that all... come back a few hours to check my e-mail... then disaster struck!! The page in which you sign in would load and instantly load again then again then again!!! I was 'wigging out back here!' to say the least. Well i could figure it could... tried restoring cookies... it took a couple of hours with no luck... Then i went to facebook and saw a comment by Katie Brewer saying she liked my blog. I went to her blog and tried to leave a message but being unable to log in I freaked again!!! then google took me to a page explaining why i couldn't log in... i had somehow blocked all cookies... changed it and everything worked. Thanks Blogger You're my hero!

ps... next post will have pictures i swear :D

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Forgotten Key

I have always had the little idea/philosophy that our lives (mine especially) is full of adventures. They could be small ones on a more minute scale but nevertheless have meaning and make our lives what they are... as such i renamed my blog "Cowpie's Adventure" or i might change it to adventures...

Let me get started with just today. It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but i have to work. Well i open the Garage to see a full like huge chunk of snow. More than enough snow to make it a snow day... but the brutal life of accounting waits for no one... not even someone who wants a snow day!!! well the little white escort would in way make it through, so i asked my dad to take me to work. Well, we took the volvo and made it there in time. Then i was like Crap I forgot my office key. Yeah it's an office I share with a lady from Texas. So i didn't think she would be in for a bit and i needed my key. We turn around make it home. I go and get my key and come out to find the volvo trying to back up and then slide and stop.... it was stuck... in our drive way... undug the snow... I mean the snow was thick!! like above my midcalf and a little less than my knee. Also it had fallen as way small ball snow instead of flakes- making it way slick and the consistency of sand... anyways we got it moving but just to have it go a little further and having one of the tires fall off teh driveway into the Reese's side of the yard. Failure...
Took the expedition... menuvered around the frozen in time volvo watching us... mocking us... Dang Volvo I'll get you!! anywhoo now i'm at work with my pants cuffed because they are wet, with my shoes off cuz they are wet, and listening to the White Stripes sing "I just don't know what to do with myself"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Working Saturday

I am currently working for the second Saturday in a row.... yep it bites, but if i was at home i would just be watching the Food Network Channel anyways... this way i actually get money

On my way home last night, i had an epitome. The best people to work long hours are single guys that live alone or with their parents... I mean let's look at the evidence-

Subject 1 me- no girlfriend, no friends near by, live at my parents--> so i don't mind working overtime or on Saturdays cuz i really wouldn't be doing anything anyways.

Subject 2 Uncle Pete- he's separated from Aunt Melanie, has no real expenses, lives by himself
--> what do we see... overtime working and on weekends. He gets home later than i do and leaves earlier. Point taken (Sorry uncle pete :D)

I'm realizing that making money isn't all cracked up to what I thought it would be. I mean heck- i get paid a bunch and have way cushey benefits, but i have nothing to spend it on... I guess when i get married (in like 4 years) I'll be happy to share it with someone and buy things together. But until then- I'm content working a Saturday.