Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The word Naked

Today I was walking to my class when this girl behind me said, "I'm by the naked Indian" while talking on her phone. Instantly, my blood began to boil, and a little part of me began to scream "HE'S NOT NAKED!"

(of a person or part of the body) without clothes

There is a peculiar statue on BYU campus of a Native American in a LOIN CLOTH. Key word here is LOIN CLOTH. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty certain that if this bronze 9 foot Native American could speak, he would say he was wearing clothes. There is no indecent exposure of genitalia, and therefore he is not naked!
Point number 2: If I am wearing nothing but a towel, I am not naked! Granted, I’m not clothed, but I’m not naked either. I’m simply wearing a towel. A lava lava is a towel like clothing wrapped around the lower half of the males in traditional Polynesian style. Once again no indecent exposure of genitalia.
Point number 3: According to some females, they are naked if they are wearing short shorts and a tank top. I’m pretty sure those are clothes… at least last time I checked. You can say, “Don’t look I’m in my pajamas!” however do not say, “Don’t look I’m naked.” That would just be a lie.

A perfect example of nakedness is seen in the Bible with our first parents Adam and Eve. Now they were naked. In fact they ran from God to “hide their nakedness.” Then the traditional ‘fig leaves’ were used to cloth themselves. Well, if anything is close to not being clothes, it would be fig leaves. Yet, it says that they hid their nakedness. Hmm I’m pretty sure a loin cloth covers more than fig leaves. *gospel tangent- nakedness also refers to shame. Adam and Eve ran from God to hide their shame from transgressing the law.


2)Changing underwear
4)Skinny Dipping
5)Occasional going to the bathroom
6)Swimming suit falls off in the pool
8)People removing your clothes as a prank. Getting pantsed and someone ripping off the shirt simultaneously- technically you aren’t naked if you are only pantsed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who wants to hear something funny?

On Saturday, I went on a date (and no that's not the funny part). She's a really cool girl- and regarding girls, I like dating someone that is really put together but still has fun and also someone that is very smart which adds a little ecentricity by nature. My date Jane is all of the aforementioned characteristics- she's pretty cool if I say so myself.

The date consisted of dinner, which ended up lasting 2 hours with neither she nor I realizing how much time went by. Then we went to this concert at the Sandy Amphitheater. Our original plan was to go to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibit which ended up changing. The type of music was alright; however, it was neither Jane's nor my favorite type. As such, we spent the night gazing at the stars.
While gazing, I remark "Wow- space is so weird." She responds, "Why?" I answer saying, "If you go up there, you like die." After I said that, all my conscious effort to dress sophisticated and to not be entirely immature went out the window. I am a blonde inside a Chinese body. It was fine. I immediately resopnded with something that had happened that night. It was funny... I feel Stupid. :D Yeah, my goals for improving my speech are not really helping quite yet- ha ha.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cleaning up My Language

I have a new goal... clean up my language. It's not that it's bad, but it's not good either. Just Remember Elder Oaks' talk about "Good, Better, Best" (which has to be one of the most quoted talks in the last year). As such, here is my list of clean up:

1) Stop saying racist things. This includes but is not limited to Jokes about White People. Yeah I know it is quite comical but can be offensive. Better safe than sorry.

2) Explitives... I don't know what I'm going to do about that. I have been slowly transitioning to using 'Monkeys' for everything, so I may or may not complete the transition or just change it.

3) Speaking properly... I speak like I have little to no education. That must change- if I want to be taken seriously, I need to talk like I am serious (ha ha I am laughing inside). This goes back to goal #2, and perhaps I will eliminate all explitives in general. They aren't that refined.

4) Say the positive... I am unsure of whether or not I have blogged about this before. My sister spoke once on how she tries to say things in the positive as much as possible. It makes for a better everything. I will give an example: instead of saying, "I don't want to speak in the negative." I will say "I want to speak in the positive." Of course there are times which 'no' is unavoidable (*notice I say 'unavoidable' instead of my usual 'which you CAN'T use it.') but small improvements bring about great change.

As to the public--- Please help me with my speech!


PS in 1 hr and 10 min I get to TA!! YAY!!

PSS Who is the one saying 'Ahem' as a comment??

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Warning- Philosophies

Hey all- I've had some thoughts... Now to spill about life "philosophies."

Note *don't take these as like super wisdom- it's just observations that I have found to be true.

Relationships: I've come to characterize connections between people in 5 different types:
1) Physical
2) Spiritual
3) Intellectual
4) Emotional
5) Social
The more connections you have with another person makes a stronger relationship. Ultimately, one would hope that their spouse has all 5 types of connections.
Although these seem semi-specific, the connections do not necessarily mean that each of the two parties share the exact thing in common. Rather, it could mean that they compliment each other. For instance, I have these friends who are dating. When i asked one of the about the 5 types of connection, she responded to intellectual by saying how she is going into nursing and he is going into architecture. I replied saying that they don't have to be exact but they share ideals of higher education as well as they can appreciate each other's passion ion their specific field. Later, she wasn't sure about the social connection- i jumped in saying that they are really good socially together. They mesh well and aren't awkward but are on the same social connection. They have many of the connections, so we'll see where it goes :D.

Mature vs. Immaturity:
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. One characteristic (notice i say 1) of immaturity is the fact that they will say that they are mature. Just think when you were 12 and said "I'm mature and can make my own decisions" as compared to now, you realize how naive you were. A person that is mature will in fact recognize their immaturity as a way of improvement. An immature person is quick to emotion and slow to change. A mature person will think about both sides and will make a decision based on other things besides emotion.

Yep- that's what's been on my mind.
Peace out

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Girls Allowed

It is the morning of the second day of school. Yesterday's schedule: 9-10 Chem 10-11 Tissue Bio 11-12 Devotional 12-3 Tissue Bio lab 4-6 Work 6-7 PreMed Help class 7-9 Medical Interpreter class... death! Today's schedule 9-10 Chem 10-11 Break! :D 11-12 Multi Var 12-1 D&C 1-2:45 Work and normally I would then TA from 3-5 but none this week!

Many people have commented on the break up, and I'm doing fine... ish. But as you can see from the overwhelming schedule, I have decided a "No Girls Allowed" rule. Granted for anyone who knows me, you're probably thinking of how long this will last. Hmm we'll see- i'm pretty insistent at this time. People keep telling me to date OLDER women- since they see 'maturity' in me. (I'll blog about maturity in my next blog.) But dating older would mean dating older! Dude y'all i'm 20. Not ready for anything soon :D. ha ha

Have a good day

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ah ha! Success!

Good afternoon y'all.

I have just returned from a successful day of shopping. I just broke up on... hmm Saturday was it? Yeah Saturday- so I decided to go shopping. I went to Banana hoping for a cheap sweater, of course in the back of my mind I knew I wouldn't find one. Then I found a V-neck tee that wasn't down to my xiphoid process (ha ha anatomy term for a segment at the bottom of your sternum). In fact, they were cheap! 12.95! So i bought some and it is grand. here's pics of two of them. I also got a white crew neck because they didn't have a V-neck but then i realized I need to return it. With the G's it looks weird to have the swoop that can be seen when wearing white.

Oh another note- this is a shout out to Paul Nielsen to comment on this blog!

Another note- I won't put details of the break up on the blog but if you would really like details, just call.