Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes I am vain and girl like at moments

I am extremely excited for fall. I think officially it may be my favorite season with a close second being Winter. Winter is great from the family activities to skiing to the simply beauty of the snow. But fall rocks my world. You've got your pumpkins (heck yes), pumpkin pie (double heck yes), awesome colors that are earthy, semi depressing, but still beautiful. However, one of the my favorite reasons for liking fall is LAYERING! Yep it's ridiculous but true. Confession: I have two fashion fetishes- backpacks/messenger bags and jackets. They are the two things I spend a lot of money into and that I'm very selective about.

Well, today's excitement is about sweaters! I am officially a fan of V-neck sweaters. I don't like V-neck T-shirts because they ride too low and then you see the G's. But V-neck sweaters tend to be more of a shallow neck line. They are sophisticated and stylish. I like to wear them under a blazer or just simply with jeans. It is grand-hmm perhaps I will wear one today...

Here is the prelim wish list:

Target: super cheap Merino sweaters. Buy your husbands a merino sweater you will be glad you did. There aren't any online yet... but soon there will be an awesome selection for about $20 not bad.

GAP- Always has awesome Merino sweaters. I tried on this royal purple one- I kind of like it. But i was by myself and I usually don't buy something unless I get a second opinion. But it compliments my skin tone nicely (gosh I sound like a girl). They run from $40-$50 depending on the style and pattern (Argyle print will cost 10 extra)

JCrew- I love Cashmere!! I have never owned any cashmere myself but I love it!!! AHHH!! JCrew is more expensive but they have good stuff that can be used for a long time. It's often a good investment clothing item. Their Merinos will run any where from $60 and up. Their cashmere $80 (ha if you're lucky) $100 ... more like $150-$200... Holy crap! Will someone freaking buy me cashmere?!?!?!?

Banana Republic- is made for white people. I have tried numerous things on and they don't seem to fit me. Ok I guess it's because I am short and skinny but still! yeah but I like their shirts/sweaters. Not too bad priced around $60. And look purple again! But this is more of a white person purple... not too much because if a white person wears a dark purple they will look super white. So here's more of a white ish purple.

K now to reclaim my masculinity... Rachel comes home tomorrow!! Can anyone say torture? I'm really excited to see here. Then school starts where I have a more than busy schedule. I am taking 15 credits, working 20 hours a week, volunteering 4-5 hours a week, and TA-ing 9 hours a week. I told her that if she wanted to break up with me, I would understand.

To Rachel,

I miss you like crazy- I'll see you tomorrow!

Note to readers of the blog- buy your husbands some sweaters!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pumpkins on the horizon

Hello all. I am semi back. Sorry for being MIA- I got distracted. Truth be told, I am still distracted. I've been dating a very amazing person named Rachel Teh. She's really awesome, and I find myself spending more time with her, which has resulted in the MIA blog style. So new updates in my life: Rachel. I dominated my last classes for summer semester (Linear Algebra and Anatomy). I am an ANATOMY TA! Not only that but I get to teach my own section. It's going to be awesome. I now live and work in Provo. My work is slow and so I do homework or cruise on the internet, which I am currently doing. I live on condo row, which is just south of campus. I am currently scrubbing and disinfecting the place since Nan has moved out due to marriage. Currently, Rachel is visiting her sister in Georgia; hence, I now have time to blog. Ha ha. Ok on to my blog topic- Pumpkins.

My love of pumpkin carving came when I was a Senior in High School. I wanted the AP art students to do a pumpkin carving contest. Well, no one wanted to do it, so I just did it anyways. All of a sudden it became the PASSION OF THE CENTURY! There is still about a month and a half until Pumpkin Season (notice how I don’t say fall or Halloween); however, I am now searching for my next portrait or subject. Any suggestions? Here are some of my pumpkins from the past…
I carved a pumpkin for my mom's b-day.

On my mission I carved Joseph Smith- it was okay but I only had very limited time because I only did it on 1 p-day. I've also done a lion.

Any suggestions? Just let me know... I am always up for a new idea.