Friday, February 22, 2008

If you give a mouse a cookie...

We all know that "if you give a mouse a cookie" he'll undoubtedly ask for a glass of milk. I mean every mouse that I have given a cookie to has always asked for a glass of milk. Every time! then a napkin then he has to go to the bathroom. Just don't give a mouse a cookie... unless you are ready to get into the whole experience.

Well, a new mouse/cookie experience has occurred. Heads up- just don't give a CowPie a MacBook Pro. Cuz if you give a CowPie a MacBook, he'll ask for a laptop case. If he asks for a case, undoubtedly he'll ask for a new messenger bag- if you accept he'll ask for one that includes a case. If his laptop doesn't fit in the in-bag case, he'll return the bag. If he does, he just has to get a case- if the case doesn't fit, he'll return it and then start thinking... and you don't want to get a CowPie thinking. Well, this is what resulted from the thinking:

Yep- I made my own case... well my mom did :D it was made for less than 5 dollars. And in fact, 2 others will come- so that i can change the case up depending on my mood. As you can see we have BATMAN!! A chubby turtle print may be coming... and a case based on my blog background :D Don't give a CowPie a MacBook- unless you what the whole experience.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cloverfield-- the puke fest!

I saw Cloverfield last Wednesday- and it was really good I thought. The acting drove the movie to success. The thrilling story line made it impossible for the needless "stop and chatting," which I hate in action. I really believed like I was in the movie- in fact, it wasn't like some lame spin off of Godzilla, but a superb movie entirely- BUT.... I can never see it again. The movie is in the point of view of main group of friends on their journey through Manhattan. They have video camera- and i got sick- twice... I spent the whole movie in the alcove walking and not watching and then watching and puking... I now understand why people tell you to lean your head back while you puke-- my head was down and stomach acid poured into my sinuses... yay... so go see it!! it's way good- but don't if you get motion sick from home videos :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Evolution of Snow

I love snow- and when i was saying how i was excited for snow today, my coworkers all grunted and groaned. Perplexed I enquired "W...w...w... why?" They just glared- i have come to conclusion why adults don't like snow aside from its beauty.

For the little ones snow means:

Snow men
Snow Angels
Snow Ball Fights
Christmas and presents
Snow Days!
Snow forts
Hot Coco with Marshmellows
Catching Snowflakes on Tongues
No School for holidays

then the joy of Snow turns into a bleak three months. :l

for the old ones snow means:

Slipping on Ice
Extra Hour for commuting
Warming the Car in the Morning
Shoveling the driveway
Even less light
Red Air Alert (what the heck?!?!)
Holiday Bills

I'm still a little one and love the snow!! Yay snow!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Someone Mac Me!!!

Ha ha guess who's a proud owner of a MacBook Pro! Yep you got it- my little brother Ammon just got a mac and he loves it. He just sits there typing nothing at all because he loves it so. He doesn't do anything at all- just sits and browses and sings while he does it-

Okay it's me!!! ha ha ha yay!!! yaay!! It's amazing! Just even the charger is cool- it's magnetic so you don't have to worry about tripping over it and pulling your laptop with you- the plug just comes out- no hassle. I still haven't figured out everything, but the more I figure out the more I love it. I love it so much that my beautiful MacBook Pro has filled my empty single life just a little more- sorry potential girls, you have to be pretty amazing to take me away from my new Mac.

A Zit in the Ear

I have a zit in my ear. It hurts... and when i put my earphones in, the zit hurts. What a turn of fate.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm bringing Sexy back-- i mean Suspenders

While reading this blog, you should imagine the song "I'm bringing Sexy back" but instead of 'sexy' put in 'suspenders.

You heard it!! it's true- my latest stylin' that i want to bring to the masses. Does anyone remember like a few years ago when i wanted to spread the casual khaki. You know you wear khakis as versatile as jeans... well... suspenders!!! yay!!

K so for the last like year and a half i've always wanted to reintroduce suspenders. I mean you always see old guys at the temple wearing them- and i'm like heck i like suspenders- i haven't warn them since i was like five so i figured that a resurrgence of suspendersville would be great.

So here's some low quality photos of the suspenders!!!

Now what set me off the edge was the movie, PS I love You- the Irish dude wears them- and i was like ha now's the perfect time to strike. Every girl will see this movie and will plant a seed of suspenders in their brains... then they see me with suspenders- wonder a bit- but realize that i just look very good with suspenders- bam!! It'll be great... now the key to my suspenders is the belt (as commented by Ms. Baxter). Cuz i know you're suppose to wear suspenders or blet not both- but it look weird...

oh yeah and suspenders can snap!!