Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out of Style

I AM FREAKING OUT!! It's official- I am old and therefore am out of style. Sadness

I went to go buy jeans and a dress shirt (date on friday). I have a very large rump roast aka bum, and my wallet has made a huge whole in my back pocket, which incidentally looks like my wallet. Well, I went to go buy my jeans at PacSun which has a nice blend of fashionable jeans mixed with a wonderful price. I go in and find the jeans. I look at the headings 'Premium Jeans,' 'Hammond's Loose,' 'Rincon Straight,' 'Dillon's Skinny,' and 'Drakes Skinniest.' Hmm where are my boot cut jeans? I must have missed the sign or they definitely forgot to put up the sign. So I went and talked to the cashier.

'Excuse me miss. Do y'all have boot cut jeans?'
'Boot Cut?...?'
'Well, they're going out so I think we have a few left in clearance. You'll have to go check.'

Instantly, my heart dropped... death I thought... DEATH! I found my favorite pair, which I had been sporting that day and tried them on. Once in the secure confines of the dressing room I called home. 'Jacob, this is an emergency! Guess where I am..' 'Where?' 'The hospital!' 'What the crap?!' 'ha ha just kidding I'm at PacSun' 'oh' (obviously unamused) 'But seriously, PacSun is getting rid of Boot Cut Jeans!!' 'What are boot cut jeans.' WHAT!??!!?!??! 'Only the best kind ever! What kind of jeans do you wear?' 'The only cool kind- skinny jeans....' Thoughts began rushing into my mind... how does he not know what Boot Cut Jeans are?!?! Why has skinny jeans become the norm? I can't wear them- I have thunder thighs- and it's uncomfortable- EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I had a similar conversation with Ammon. I came to the conclusion I am out of style- I am old. So I ended up buying 3 pairs of the exact same jeans each for 10 bucks. Sadness
Oh I also bought t-shirts from Banana.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Blessed

I firmly believe that we all want blessings in our lives. I wonder if there is truly anyone out there who doesn't want a gift from God.

I also believe that we are blessed greatly everyday of our lives. We are given so much help every moment, second, and instant. Yet, I believe that we overlook these blessings, but no blessing is ever too small to be of help.

I love to pray to notice my blessings. I figure that if you can see your blessings, you will naturally be grateful for them, and a grateful person is a happy person. Ergo, praying to see your blessings will make you a happier person. Today has been a blessing overload. Sometimes, I can't believe how many blessings that Heavenly Father gives me from the sole reason that He loves me! I love to know that He is guiding me, watching me, and directing me. I am grateful for my blessings and his tender mercy to allow me to partake of them. Truly He is a loving father and friend.