Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today's Highlights

Jacob and I skiing- I got my skiis waxed and edged. Ahh i love how smooth it feels against the snow. Luckily I did it because the snow was... well less than amazing. We only went a few hours, and it was glorious. We went on runs for the most part- there weren't any black diamonds that had enough snow (sadness). We also went to the park a bit, which was fun because there weren't many people at all.

My Mac is acting funny- it's sad. When I first got it, the keys would go in and out of working. I went to the Geek Bar, they downloaded some software, and it hasn't given problems yet. Well, this last week it would pause on some keys, and now the keyboard doesn't work. (Luckily, I was blessed to have it function all the way through classes). Well, I took it in. It's still under warranty, but it would take a week and half to repair with the holiday. Well, I have a lot to do in the net 3 weeks and desperately need my laptop. I bought an external keyboard and mouse. Spent a bunch... but actually I really like them. Apple seems to manufacture quality items.

We had a sushi party tonight. I ate too much. Ahh death!

Happy Thanksgiving by the way. I'm really trying to appreciate the hidden blessings this year. In particular I'm trying to be grateful for the trials in my life. I figure that if I can work on that then the other blessings should come easier.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Please don't get cheap with the wine'

It's funny how life works. When things are suppose to happen, they don't, and when they aren't suppose to happen, they do. For some reason, this is especially true in my life, which results in my plethora of little adventures and stories. As embarrassing as most of them are, they seem to entertain many who hear them. Recently, I've been pretty bummed for reason which I would rather not talk about (oh and they DO NOT involve a girl). I really wanted to be cheered up, so I prayed that He would make my day delightful and I would be happier. Luckily, He always answers my prayers :D.

Funny experiences...

1) I was studying in a large room of the chemistry building. All of a sudden a girl with a plaid shirt walks into study and she happens to be cute. I catch her eye, she catches mine. I was going to go study with her but I had a quiz for a class in 5 minutes. So it would be overly awkward to get up, sit for 2 minutes, and leave. I decided to walk by her desk on my way out. We met eyes. Then I psychically told her to wait as I went to take my quiz. I came back and ran into someone I knew... talked for a while. I wet back, and she was gone! Oh girl with the plaid shirt! I will find you.

2) New CEO/President started monday. Alarm went off... the other guy wasn't there to disarm it when they called in. Police came by... awkward.

3) all my classes but chemistry were cancelled. I had no idea since I didn't check my email during the day. I was sitting in each class forever... funny

4) I have a math test today then home... math test-->not funny

5) SOMETHING SUPER HILARIOUS!! I was just appointed to the board of directors of Provo Postal Credit Union. Funny!! I'm only 20 and I'm already on a board of directors. ha ha

Happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I just hate people.

I use to have an anger problem. For those that have seen me upset know what the wrath of Jarom is like. It's a funny story about making a deal with the devil etc... yeah basically ha ha. But seriously, one day I decided it wasn't worth it and began praying to get rid of it. I'm actually one of the lucky few that can see their prayers answered pretty quickly... not always but I usually don't struggle with this aspect (luckily). Every since I've prayed for it, the anger has been going down. Every once in a while I will get annoyed and will calmly argue back with the person. It normally ends up being rude, cynical comments that make you feel like you are useless, unwanted, unloved, and unintelligent. I know very nice of me. When I notice myself doing that stuff, I try to avoid it entirely. I need to be left alone or else feelings will be severly hurt. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It is honestly one of the worst experiences you will ever have.

This last week I found myself making rude comments in small doses. It was sort of sparked by someone's immaturity which was just ridiculous. Realizing this, I needed to seclude myself. I know what some of you are thinking that I should just learn to be nice etc... trust me, for the time being it is the best option. It can only get worse if I talk to people (I then get more annoyed). I try not to talk to many people but instead I will make conversations short. It's really hard for people to understand that I need to be left alone. Let's be honest, I like talking to people and normally will iniate 'hangouts.' So the quick switch can be hard.

Unfortunately, I can't avoid everyone. I just try to not get annoyed, but it is genuinely really hard. Recently, I was so annoyed but didn't show it that it made my nose bleed profusely. I couldn't stop the blood flow.

Not to worry. It has all subsided. But I did enjoy my solidarity. I watched some old anime movies, listened to good music, and did some art. I apologize to all thoses who may have felt the cynical comments. I don't really hate you. I just hate people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Culinary School

Ok, I'm having another mid-college crisis. It seems like every 2-3 months or so I have one. You just question your life, what are you doing, your friendships etc. Basically, I review my life and change it for the better (hopefully). Life is good- no complaints. I really have no desire to date right now especially after being reminded by the same person that I really don't like immaturity. Work is being changed for the better. And I still have great desire to go to med school.

Now a speed bump in the road- well not that big of one. I like to make food! It kind of has become a passion. I just threw my first dinner party for some friends, and it was so much fun (well the cooking part at least). It was mostly due to the fact that I had an amazing date that cooked with me for hours, even cleaned up, and was a good sport about the marathon date of 11 hours of hard work! Thanks Laura!

Here's the menu and what I did with it:


Endive Salad Spears- It was originally a salda made with homemade cheese by Emeril. Well skipped out on making my own cheese and instead I put the salad in endive spears. It was good but definitely needed cheese. Next time I will probably include goat cheese.

Bruschetta with Sauteed Sweet Peppers and Creamy Gorgonzola- This was the only recipe I didn't change at all. It was delicious! It's from Ina Garten who is classy, sophisticated, lives in the Hamptons, and is married to a Yale professor. She's one cool cat. I thought the gorgonzola was going to be a little too strong but it was milder than Bleu cheese. It also added a little saltiness which was complimented well with the sweet bell peppers and crunch of the baguette. I highly recommend this! Oh and for some reason, my bruschetta looked better than the picture :D ha ha.

I was going to make a 3rd appetizer of White Bean dip with roasted garlic. I made an executive decision to scratch it off. But the picture looks nice.


Butternut Squash soup with a cilantro cream: Okay easy soup that was earthy, yet light, and a perfect balance on the palate. I cooked this first and the house smelled awesome! My parents then decided I would cook this for Sunday dinner (the dinner party was on Saturday). I added the cilantro cream, which totally helped. It gave the soup a fresh feel and made it look better as well. The second time I made it, it was a lot better I felt. I strained the soup and got rid of some of the grit. The soup was super healthy and felt like you weren't eating much, but it was hearty and even my brothers were full after one bowl.

Main Course:

Chicken Parcels with Sauteed Mushrooms: This is my brain creation! The original recipe was by Rachel Ray, and it included a chicken breast wrapped in puff pastry and filled with fig preserve and fontina cheese. I changed it to be more budget friendly and easier to find the supplies. I changed out the fontina cheese with havarti (awesome!) and the fig preserve with apricot preserve. Portobello and the regular button mushrooms were sauteed and added. Baked and it was so good! Not really as good when they were leftovers but still amazing.

Sauteed Asapargus with garlic and butter: my dad's recipe. Easy and oh so good.

Dessert- was a disaster. But people liked it for some reason. I have to redeem myself.

Perhaps I will document my food tales more often!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A Letter to the upcoming Incumbent President, Mr. Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. Obama,

Throughout this election season, I have been fickle, wishy washy, and indecisive. I was a staunch Hillary supporter, and unfortunately you ran a better campaign. However, negative this sounds- all I really want to say is congratulations.

I did believe in your movement to unite the country. From the beginning, I've told people that I did not support you, but that you would be able to unite the country after the Bush administration. It seems like you have done that... with the election results as well as they went, it seems like you have the approval of the country. You achieved more than 325 electoral college votes! That is amazing. No one has done that since Lindon Johnson.

Now, I am worried and question myself of what kind of president will you be. Do you intend to truly unite the country? Do you still have the correct motives for the good of the country or will your party hit us with controversial policies with your party control of the presidency, the senate, and the house? What will you do Mr. Obama, what will you do. I am worried about your policy of Change. However vague, it can be effective in certain ways. Mr. Obama I wish that the country will unite through change of its mentality, through the healing of the difficult finances, through the healing of the world in foreign policy and war plans, and a revolution in reuseable energy. But can you do it? Will you lean to the left like your old politics or will you return back tot eh middle like during the nomination? Will you unite the country in the middle or create a revolution moving toward the left? I hope you continue your position in the conservative/liberal scale that you adopted in the last 9 months will continue. Stay in the middle so that you can change the country for the better. Work on its problems and you will unite the people. You have been elected as a President of the people. Now do what is right for the people. Lead them toward a better tomorrow and you will leave a legacy of greatness.

Unite the country, bring change for the better, but do what is right for the people. Yes you can! So do it!

- Jarom