Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

I love Sundays. It is a time to reflect on the Savior and have personal growth. After church, I put conference on via my laptop and made some food. I love brunch and usually dont have time to eat it. I got the idea for this meal from my new Food Network cook book- unfortunately I didn't have all the ingredients they asked for so I made up my own with what I had. I really only stole the egg idea.

I cooked up some spicy sausage and added an onion and some bell pepper.

I took it off the heat and started to cook up the cubed potatoes. I then added a heaping helping of cilantro.

After the potatoes became tender, I added the sausage mixture back in and made three indentations in the mixture. I added 3 eggs in the wells and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

My skillet was accompanied with sliced pears with a dash of lemon juice (to prevent browning and have an extra kick) and with orange madelines that were prepared last night.

It is amazing! I love food.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Addiction

I need to stop buying stuff... but I just bought some amazing stuff. I also made a new discovery- Williams and Sonoma! If you ever want to buy me something- get it from Williams-Sonoma Gourmet Cuisine.

My additions for the day:

Madeline Pan

Black Apron
French Rolling Pin

As you can see I'm ready to flatten out some tough dough.

All will be used in about 5 minutes.

Friday, December 26, 2008

One Whole Week

Hands Down- this Christmas was amazing. I absolutely love getting together with all my siblings. The only complaint I have is that it seemed too short- we really need like a week retreat in some remote cabin (hmm someday perhaps). The cabin would have to be decked out with amazing food (smoked salmon was definitely the high light of the season), awesome games (N64 Bond, Guitar Hero World Tour- so freaking fun, apples to apples... and ping pong- not my favorite), and of course random memories and laughs.

Updates on my AMAZING gifts this year- A food processor! it's all I wanted and the sibs were awesome to get it. Not only that but it was Hamilton Beach! ok for those who don't know... it's just amazing. Also a Food Network cook book- and my parents got me money for skiis! yes- excellent for sure. Clothes as usual. Oh and of course expensive, foreign, extremely dark chocolate- this year's winner is Lindt's Dark Chili Chocolate- it has an amazing aroma with an earthly taste. the chili gave it immense depth and there was a slight tingle as an after flavor. Christmas = Amazing

I had to come back to work today. But I got a CHRISTMAS BONUS!!! a really big one too! I definitely couldn't complain. Basically, it paid for all my Christmas presents- amazingly enough.

I came back to my condo after one week to find the place a complete mess! I counted the dishes- 21 plates, 16 bowls, an array of utensils and a million cups. The family room was a mess, and the only remotely clean place was my desk- which I cleaned right before I left. After work, I bought groceries for the semester... not an exaggeration. Tonight I have made two pizzas and a meatloaf is in the oven as we speak. I will soon by making mashed potatoes and starting to marinate chicken breast, salmon, and tilapia filets. I'm preparing meals for myself- i've decided i need to make my health a priority.

I will be alone for a week. So far I love it. I cleaned everything. I am making food. I've thoroughly enjoyed the TV and my music. Right now, I honestly want to get my own place. We will see in a week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I know I'm dumb

Ok I had to post this picture because it's house and the characters... well they speak for themselves.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food... Tests... and Christmas!!

I have started literally like 4 blogs without finishing any of them. Sad- yes. But I am finishing this one (I hope).

It is finals week- and as of yet, I haven't done as well as I would have liked. I'm basically just barely cutting the limit to getting an A in my classes, when I should have done a lot better. I'm just not a good final taker. You have so much studying to do, so many projects and papers at the last minute, and no time to do any of it (it's funny because I'm blogging instead of studying right now). And you might be thinking I should have studied a week previous... tried it, it was impossible. The week before finals, I had 4 finals and 2 tests! Can you say ridiculous? I can... and I did.

My finals habits have been 1) think about waking up at 6:30 and never making it 2) studying all day until I take a test 3) Go home because I finished my final earlier than I thought 4) Create food 5) Service (for some reason I like signed up for tons of service projects this week... crazy) 5) Come home and think about studying but realize I'm way too cold and tired- Eat food instead 6) fall asleep watching a movie (last night was Prince Caspian). Through this process, I've had some AMAZING dinners that took less than 30 minutes. I basically have random things in my fridge, and I don't want to buy food if I'm leaving in a few days. But the meals were amazing! I always cook more than needed and I ate like all of it.... so I have come to the conclusion that I subconsciously am hungry for good food. If people want to fatten me up- make good food. Simple as that :D.

Christmas list:
Food processor
Skiis- I really want skiis but I'll probably end up buying them for myself
Cooking Lessons

Pre-New Year's Resolutions:
Make Christmas candies
Organize a New Year's Eve party- i'll be in provo and I don't know of any parties... so I'm throwing a really low key party- all are invited
Finish Lawyer project- don't ask
Apply for a gajillion Hispanic Scholarships
Get a Presidential Service Scholarship award
Post New Year's Resolutions:
Work out 3 times a week- this isn't a resolution, I have to do it... or I will DIE!!!! ps that was not an exaggeration
Study for the MCAT at least twice a month- I don't take it until 2010 so not to worry
FIND A GIRLFRIEND- last semester I dated a lot and broke some things off because I had no time for a relationship- not to worry I scheduled more time to work out and date. ps I am hard core flirting with someone right now... we'll see where it goes...

Merry Christmas!!!


PS i just texted my dad, and I think he may have gotten me skiis!!! ha ha wouldn't that be a Christmas miracle.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today's Highlights

Jacob and I skiing- I got my skiis waxed and edged. Ahh i love how smooth it feels against the snow. Luckily I did it because the snow was... well less than amazing. We only went a few hours, and it was glorious. We went on runs for the most part- there weren't any black diamonds that had enough snow (sadness). We also went to the park a bit, which was fun because there weren't many people at all.

My Mac is acting funny- it's sad. When I first got it, the keys would go in and out of working. I went to the Geek Bar, they downloaded some software, and it hasn't given problems yet. Well, this last week it would pause on some keys, and now the keyboard doesn't work. (Luckily, I was blessed to have it function all the way through classes). Well, I took it in. It's still under warranty, but it would take a week and half to repair with the holiday. Well, I have a lot to do in the net 3 weeks and desperately need my laptop. I bought an external keyboard and mouse. Spent a bunch... but actually I really like them. Apple seems to manufacture quality items.

We had a sushi party tonight. I ate too much. Ahh death!

Happy Thanksgiving by the way. I'm really trying to appreciate the hidden blessings this year. In particular I'm trying to be grateful for the trials in my life. I figure that if I can work on that then the other blessings should come easier.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Please don't get cheap with the wine'

It's funny how life works. When things are suppose to happen, they don't, and when they aren't suppose to happen, they do. For some reason, this is especially true in my life, which results in my plethora of little adventures and stories. As embarrassing as most of them are, they seem to entertain many who hear them. Recently, I've been pretty bummed for reason which I would rather not talk about (oh and they DO NOT involve a girl). I really wanted to be cheered up, so I prayed that He would make my day delightful and I would be happier. Luckily, He always answers my prayers :D.

Funny experiences...

1) I was studying in a large room of the chemistry building. All of a sudden a girl with a plaid shirt walks into study and she happens to be cute. I catch her eye, she catches mine. I was going to go study with her but I had a quiz for a class in 5 minutes. So it would be overly awkward to get up, sit for 2 minutes, and leave. I decided to walk by her desk on my way out. We met eyes. Then I psychically told her to wait as I went to take my quiz. I came back and ran into someone I knew... talked for a while. I wet back, and she was gone! Oh girl with the plaid shirt! I will find you.

2) New CEO/President started monday. Alarm went off... the other guy wasn't there to disarm it when they called in. Police came by... awkward.

3) all my classes but chemistry were cancelled. I had no idea since I didn't check my email during the day. I was sitting in each class forever... funny

4) I have a math test today then home... math test-->not funny

5) SOMETHING SUPER HILARIOUS!! I was just appointed to the board of directors of Provo Postal Credit Union. Funny!! I'm only 20 and I'm already on a board of directors. ha ha

Happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I just hate people.

I use to have an anger problem. For those that have seen me upset know what the wrath of Jarom is like. It's a funny story about making a deal with the devil etc... yeah basically ha ha. But seriously, one day I decided it wasn't worth it and began praying to get rid of it. I'm actually one of the lucky few that can see their prayers answered pretty quickly... not always but I usually don't struggle with this aspect (luckily). Every since I've prayed for it, the anger has been going down. Every once in a while I will get annoyed and will calmly argue back with the person. It normally ends up being rude, cynical comments that make you feel like you are useless, unwanted, unloved, and unintelligent. I know very nice of me. When I notice myself doing that stuff, I try to avoid it entirely. I need to be left alone or else feelings will be severly hurt. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It is honestly one of the worst experiences you will ever have.

This last week I found myself making rude comments in small doses. It was sort of sparked by someone's immaturity which was just ridiculous. Realizing this, I needed to seclude myself. I know what some of you are thinking that I should just learn to be nice etc... trust me, for the time being it is the best option. It can only get worse if I talk to people (I then get more annoyed). I try not to talk to many people but instead I will make conversations short. It's really hard for people to understand that I need to be left alone. Let's be honest, I like talking to people and normally will iniate 'hangouts.' So the quick switch can be hard.

Unfortunately, I can't avoid everyone. I just try to not get annoyed, but it is genuinely really hard. Recently, I was so annoyed but didn't show it that it made my nose bleed profusely. I couldn't stop the blood flow.

Not to worry. It has all subsided. But I did enjoy my solidarity. I watched some old anime movies, listened to good music, and did some art. I apologize to all thoses who may have felt the cynical comments. I don't really hate you. I just hate people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Culinary School

Ok, I'm having another mid-college crisis. It seems like every 2-3 months or so I have one. You just question your life, what are you doing, your friendships etc. Basically, I review my life and change it for the better (hopefully). Life is good- no complaints. I really have no desire to date right now especially after being reminded by the same person that I really don't like immaturity. Work is being changed for the better. And I still have great desire to go to med school.

Now a speed bump in the road- well not that big of one. I like to make food! It kind of has become a passion. I just threw my first dinner party for some friends, and it was so much fun (well the cooking part at least). It was mostly due to the fact that I had an amazing date that cooked with me for hours, even cleaned up, and was a good sport about the marathon date of 11 hours of hard work! Thanks Laura!

Here's the menu and what I did with it:


Endive Salad Spears- It was originally a salda made with homemade cheese by Emeril. Well skipped out on making my own cheese and instead I put the salad in endive spears. It was good but definitely needed cheese. Next time I will probably include goat cheese.

Bruschetta with Sauteed Sweet Peppers and Creamy Gorgonzola- This was the only recipe I didn't change at all. It was delicious! It's from Ina Garten who is classy, sophisticated, lives in the Hamptons, and is married to a Yale professor. She's one cool cat. I thought the gorgonzola was going to be a little too strong but it was milder than Bleu cheese. It also added a little saltiness which was complimented well with the sweet bell peppers and crunch of the baguette. I highly recommend this! Oh and for some reason, my bruschetta looked better than the picture :D ha ha.

I was going to make a 3rd appetizer of White Bean dip with roasted garlic. I made an executive decision to scratch it off. But the picture looks nice.


Butternut Squash soup with a cilantro cream: Okay easy soup that was earthy, yet light, and a perfect balance on the palate. I cooked this first and the house smelled awesome! My parents then decided I would cook this for Sunday dinner (the dinner party was on Saturday). I added the cilantro cream, which totally helped. It gave the soup a fresh feel and made it look better as well. The second time I made it, it was a lot better I felt. I strained the soup and got rid of some of the grit. The soup was super healthy and felt like you weren't eating much, but it was hearty and even my brothers were full after one bowl.

Main Course:

Chicken Parcels with Sauteed Mushrooms: This is my brain creation! The original recipe was by Rachel Ray, and it included a chicken breast wrapped in puff pastry and filled with fig preserve and fontina cheese. I changed it to be more budget friendly and easier to find the supplies. I changed out the fontina cheese with havarti (awesome!) and the fig preserve with apricot preserve. Portobello and the regular button mushrooms were sauteed and added. Baked and it was so good! Not really as good when they were leftovers but still amazing.

Sauteed Asapargus with garlic and butter: my dad's recipe. Easy and oh so good.

Dessert- was a disaster. But people liked it for some reason. I have to redeem myself.

Perhaps I will document my food tales more often!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A Letter to the upcoming Incumbent President, Mr. Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. Obama,

Throughout this election season, I have been fickle, wishy washy, and indecisive. I was a staunch Hillary supporter, and unfortunately you ran a better campaign. However, negative this sounds- all I really want to say is congratulations.

I did believe in your movement to unite the country. From the beginning, I've told people that I did not support you, but that you would be able to unite the country after the Bush administration. It seems like you have done that... with the election results as well as they went, it seems like you have the approval of the country. You achieved more than 325 electoral college votes! That is amazing. No one has done that since Lindon Johnson.

Now, I am worried and question myself of what kind of president will you be. Do you intend to truly unite the country? Do you still have the correct motives for the good of the country or will your party hit us with controversial policies with your party control of the presidency, the senate, and the house? What will you do Mr. Obama, what will you do. I am worried about your policy of Change. However vague, it can be effective in certain ways. Mr. Obama I wish that the country will unite through change of its mentality, through the healing of the difficult finances, through the healing of the world in foreign policy and war plans, and a revolution in reuseable energy. But can you do it? Will you lean to the left like your old politics or will you return back tot eh middle like during the nomination? Will you unite the country in the middle or create a revolution moving toward the left? I hope you continue your position in the conservative/liberal scale that you adopted in the last 9 months will continue. Stay in the middle so that you can change the country for the better. Work on its problems and you will unite the people. You have been elected as a President of the people. Now do what is right for the people. Lead them toward a better tomorrow and you will leave a legacy of greatness.

Unite the country, bring change for the better, but do what is right for the people. Yes you can! So do it!

- Jarom

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Milk, my arch nemesis

Milk melts off my flesh. No joke... it's true. To make a quick story, I was carving Michelangelo's David out of ice cream and then I suffered the consequences for months as my skin healed itself.

I have always thought that I was lactose intolerant since milk and various dairy products give me aches and pain. Well, I have always wanted to know what happens to my body when the reaction occurs.

Currently, I am doing a research paper on the very topic. First update- I may not be lactose intolerant after all... interesting.

- more updates to come.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Sad Thought

For the past two weeks, I've been trying to go to the temple. It just seemed that every time I wanted to go something would inevitably come up. I say to myself "Satan, you may have deterred me this time, but I will go!" Today happened to be Columbus Day, and I didn't have to work (school is another story). All of a sudden I had the brilliant idea that I could go to the temple. No complications, no tests, no work... just the temple (PS I've been stressed lately since I have 4 tests this week... ugh). I was walking swiftly to home when I paused in disbelief and realized it was Monday- temple is closed. Sad day

Dear Temple,

I miss you. I'm coming I swear. But if you could do me one favor.. make your hours more flexible ;D.

with love,


Funny thing is that the temple is open pretty much all day every day and yet I can't seem to find time. Not to worry- I will accomplish my goal... I don't believe in failure.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who ate my pie!?!?

Seriously, don't play dumb. I know you ate my pie!! Just because I have offered A SLICE of pie to you in the past, it does not mean this time nor does it constitute the COMPLETE CONSUMPTION of my awesome peach pie! Don't tell me it's good- I know it's good! Heck, it's so good that I wanted some but your face face had to go and eat it. That's it... next pie with be laced with ex-lax. Take this as fare warning!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The word Naked

Today I was walking to my class when this girl behind me said, "I'm by the naked Indian" while talking on her phone. Instantly, my blood began to boil, and a little part of me began to scream "HE'S NOT NAKED!"

(of a person or part of the body) without clothes

There is a peculiar statue on BYU campus of a Native American in a LOIN CLOTH. Key word here is LOIN CLOTH. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty certain that if this bronze 9 foot Native American could speak, he would say he was wearing clothes. There is no indecent exposure of genitalia, and therefore he is not naked!
Point number 2: If I am wearing nothing but a towel, I am not naked! Granted, I’m not clothed, but I’m not naked either. I’m simply wearing a towel. A lava lava is a towel like clothing wrapped around the lower half of the males in traditional Polynesian style. Once again no indecent exposure of genitalia.
Point number 3: According to some females, they are naked if they are wearing short shorts and a tank top. I’m pretty sure those are clothes… at least last time I checked. You can say, “Don’t look I’m in my pajamas!” however do not say, “Don’t look I’m naked.” That would just be a lie.

A perfect example of nakedness is seen in the Bible with our first parents Adam and Eve. Now they were naked. In fact they ran from God to “hide their nakedness.” Then the traditional ‘fig leaves’ were used to cloth themselves. Well, if anything is close to not being clothes, it would be fig leaves. Yet, it says that they hid their nakedness. Hmm I’m pretty sure a loin cloth covers more than fig leaves. *gospel tangent- nakedness also refers to shame. Adam and Eve ran from God to hide their shame from transgressing the law.


2)Changing underwear
4)Skinny Dipping
5)Occasional going to the bathroom
6)Swimming suit falls off in the pool
8)People removing your clothes as a prank. Getting pantsed and someone ripping off the shirt simultaneously- technically you aren’t naked if you are only pantsed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Who wants to hear something funny?

On Saturday, I went on a date (and no that's not the funny part). She's a really cool girl- and regarding girls, I like dating someone that is really put together but still has fun and also someone that is very smart which adds a little ecentricity by nature. My date Jane is all of the aforementioned characteristics- she's pretty cool if I say so myself.

The date consisted of dinner, which ended up lasting 2 hours with neither she nor I realizing how much time went by. Then we went to this concert at the Sandy Amphitheater. Our original plan was to go to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibit which ended up changing. The type of music was alright; however, it was neither Jane's nor my favorite type. As such, we spent the night gazing at the stars.
While gazing, I remark "Wow- space is so weird." She responds, "Why?" I answer saying, "If you go up there, you like die." After I said that, all my conscious effort to dress sophisticated and to not be entirely immature went out the window. I am a blonde inside a Chinese body. It was fine. I immediately resopnded with something that had happened that night. It was funny... I feel Stupid. :D Yeah, my goals for improving my speech are not really helping quite yet- ha ha.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cleaning up My Language

I have a new goal... clean up my language. It's not that it's bad, but it's not good either. Just Remember Elder Oaks' talk about "Good, Better, Best" (which has to be one of the most quoted talks in the last year). As such, here is my list of clean up:

1) Stop saying racist things. This includes but is not limited to Jokes about White People. Yeah I know it is quite comical but can be offensive. Better safe than sorry.

2) Explitives... I don't know what I'm going to do about that. I have been slowly transitioning to using 'Monkeys' for everything, so I may or may not complete the transition or just change it.

3) Speaking properly... I speak like I have little to no education. That must change- if I want to be taken seriously, I need to talk like I am serious (ha ha I am laughing inside). This goes back to goal #2, and perhaps I will eliminate all explitives in general. They aren't that refined.

4) Say the positive... I am unsure of whether or not I have blogged about this before. My sister spoke once on how she tries to say things in the positive as much as possible. It makes for a better everything. I will give an example: instead of saying, "I don't want to speak in the negative." I will say "I want to speak in the positive." Of course there are times which 'no' is unavoidable (*notice I say 'unavoidable' instead of my usual 'which you CAN'T use it.') but small improvements bring about great change.

As to the public--- Please help me with my speech!


PS in 1 hr and 10 min I get to TA!! YAY!!

PSS Who is the one saying 'Ahem' as a comment??

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Warning- Philosophies

Hey all- I've had some thoughts... Now to spill about life "philosophies."

Note *don't take these as like super wisdom- it's just observations that I have found to be true.

Relationships: I've come to characterize connections between people in 5 different types:
1) Physical
2) Spiritual
3) Intellectual
4) Emotional
5) Social
The more connections you have with another person makes a stronger relationship. Ultimately, one would hope that their spouse has all 5 types of connections.
Although these seem semi-specific, the connections do not necessarily mean that each of the two parties share the exact thing in common. Rather, it could mean that they compliment each other. For instance, I have these friends who are dating. When i asked one of the about the 5 types of connection, she responded to intellectual by saying how she is going into nursing and he is going into architecture. I replied saying that they don't have to be exact but they share ideals of higher education as well as they can appreciate each other's passion ion their specific field. Later, she wasn't sure about the social connection- i jumped in saying that they are really good socially together. They mesh well and aren't awkward but are on the same social connection. They have many of the connections, so we'll see where it goes :D.

Mature vs. Immaturity:
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. One characteristic (notice i say 1) of immaturity is the fact that they will say that they are mature. Just think when you were 12 and said "I'm mature and can make my own decisions" as compared to now, you realize how naive you were. A person that is mature will in fact recognize their immaturity as a way of improvement. An immature person is quick to emotion and slow to change. A mature person will think about both sides and will make a decision based on other things besides emotion.

Yep- that's what's been on my mind.
Peace out

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Girls Allowed

It is the morning of the second day of school. Yesterday's schedule: 9-10 Chem 10-11 Tissue Bio 11-12 Devotional 12-3 Tissue Bio lab 4-6 Work 6-7 PreMed Help class 7-9 Medical Interpreter class... death! Today's schedule 9-10 Chem 10-11 Break! :D 11-12 Multi Var 12-1 D&C 1-2:45 Work and normally I would then TA from 3-5 but none this week!

Many people have commented on the break up, and I'm doing fine... ish. But as you can see from the overwhelming schedule, I have decided a "No Girls Allowed" rule. Granted for anyone who knows me, you're probably thinking of how long this will last. Hmm we'll see- i'm pretty insistent at this time. People keep telling me to date OLDER women- since they see 'maturity' in me. (I'll blog about maturity in my next blog.) But dating older would mean dating older! Dude y'all i'm 20. Not ready for anything soon :D. ha ha

Have a good day

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ah ha! Success!

Good afternoon y'all.

I have just returned from a successful day of shopping. I just broke up on... hmm Saturday was it? Yeah Saturday- so I decided to go shopping. I went to Banana hoping for a cheap sweater, of course in the back of my mind I knew I wouldn't find one. Then I found a V-neck tee that wasn't down to my xiphoid process (ha ha anatomy term for a segment at the bottom of your sternum). In fact, they were cheap! 12.95! So i bought some and it is grand. here's pics of two of them. I also got a white crew neck because they didn't have a V-neck but then i realized I need to return it. With the G's it looks weird to have the swoop that can be seen when wearing white.

Oh another note- this is a shout out to Paul Nielsen to comment on this blog!

Another note- I won't put details of the break up on the blog but if you would really like details, just call.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes I am vain and girl like at moments

I am extremely excited for fall. I think officially it may be my favorite season with a close second being Winter. Winter is great from the family activities to skiing to the simply beauty of the snow. But fall rocks my world. You've got your pumpkins (heck yes), pumpkin pie (double heck yes), awesome colors that are earthy, semi depressing, but still beautiful. However, one of the my favorite reasons for liking fall is LAYERING! Yep it's ridiculous but true. Confession: I have two fashion fetishes- backpacks/messenger bags and jackets. They are the two things I spend a lot of money into and that I'm very selective about.

Well, today's excitement is about sweaters! I am officially a fan of V-neck sweaters. I don't like V-neck T-shirts because they ride too low and then you see the G's. But V-neck sweaters tend to be more of a shallow neck line. They are sophisticated and stylish. I like to wear them under a blazer or just simply with jeans. It is grand-hmm perhaps I will wear one today...

Here is the prelim wish list:

Target: super cheap Merino sweaters. Buy your husbands a merino sweater you will be glad you did. There aren't any online yet... but soon there will be an awesome selection for about $20 not bad.

GAP- Always has awesome Merino sweaters. I tried on this royal purple one- I kind of like it. But i was by myself and I usually don't buy something unless I get a second opinion. But it compliments my skin tone nicely (gosh I sound like a girl). They run from $40-$50 depending on the style and pattern (Argyle print will cost 10 extra)

JCrew- I love Cashmere!! I have never owned any cashmere myself but I love it!!! AHHH!! JCrew is more expensive but they have good stuff that can be used for a long time. It's often a good investment clothing item. Their Merinos will run any where from $60 and up. Their cashmere $80 (ha if you're lucky) $100 ... more like $150-$200... Holy crap! Will someone freaking buy me cashmere?!?!?!?

Banana Republic- is made for white people. I have tried numerous things on and they don't seem to fit me. Ok I guess it's because I am short and skinny but still! yeah but I like their shirts/sweaters. Not too bad priced around $60. And look purple again! But this is more of a white person purple... not too much because if a white person wears a dark purple they will look super white. So here's more of a white ish purple.

K now to reclaim my masculinity... Rachel comes home tomorrow!! Can anyone say torture? I'm really excited to see here. Then school starts where I have a more than busy schedule. I am taking 15 credits, working 20 hours a week, volunteering 4-5 hours a week, and TA-ing 9 hours a week. I told her that if she wanted to break up with me, I would understand.

To Rachel,

I miss you like crazy- I'll see you tomorrow!

Note to readers of the blog- buy your husbands some sweaters!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pumpkins on the horizon

Hello all. I am semi back. Sorry for being MIA- I got distracted. Truth be told, I am still distracted. I've been dating a very amazing person named Rachel Teh. She's really awesome, and I find myself spending more time with her, which has resulted in the MIA blog style. So new updates in my life: Rachel. I dominated my last classes for summer semester (Linear Algebra and Anatomy). I am an ANATOMY TA! Not only that but I get to teach my own section. It's going to be awesome. I now live and work in Provo. My work is slow and so I do homework or cruise on the internet, which I am currently doing. I live on condo row, which is just south of campus. I am currently scrubbing and disinfecting the place since Nan has moved out due to marriage. Currently, Rachel is visiting her sister in Georgia; hence, I now have time to blog. Ha ha. Ok on to my blog topic- Pumpkins.

My love of pumpkin carving came when I was a Senior in High School. I wanted the AP art students to do a pumpkin carving contest. Well, no one wanted to do it, so I just did it anyways. All of a sudden it became the PASSION OF THE CENTURY! There is still about a month and a half until Pumpkin Season (notice how I don’t say fall or Halloween); however, I am now searching for my next portrait or subject. Any suggestions? Here are some of my pumpkins from the past…
I carved a pumpkin for my mom's b-day.

On my mission I carved Joseph Smith- it was okay but I only had very limited time because I only did it on 1 p-day. I've also done a lion.

Any suggestions? Just let me know... I am always up for a new idea.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unexpected Kindness

Yesterday was really interesting. It completely too me off guard. It started with a frantic day of me wanting to kill my professor because he's a pompous fool!! Okay enough of that. I arrived at school around 11:45 and planned on studying nonstop until 6 when i would take my final. I thought i could sell back my books and had them stuffed in my hands as well as my Vitamin Water. I was walking about 2 yeards behind two Girls in Church dresses. My phone rang so i frantically crossed my left hand over to my pocket and picked up the phone; I officially had no hands whatsoever. My left arm was crossed over my huge Bio book with the phone to my ear, and my right hand was supporting the book as well and holding the Vitamin Water. My phone rang right before the door. The girls went through the door, and it closed with me not being about to do anything. Since it was a double door, they looked back to see me struggling to open the door. We made eye contact, for some reason they chuckled and still didn't help me even though i was barely grasping the door handle and was walking in a crouched fashion to try and attempt and squeeze my body through. Rude- those girls are rude! One would think these respectable LDS women would know how to lend a hand! I am so mad. Further, I ran into a woman I use to hometeach that teaches at BYU. We made eye contact. She looked away and started to walk towards the other side of the aisle. I stared her down, gave a big smile, and said "hey how's it going." Rude.

On the flip side, I saw a very preppy rich girl. She had her Coach purse, her giant Gucci sunglasses and perfectly glossed lips. She was obviously in a hurry. In her path, there was a newspaper on the ground. She didn't even hesitate but instead picked up the paper. She didn't just throw it away but searched for a recylcing bin. Awesome! Then I took a pieces of scratch paper into my final. The check-in guy was clearly frantically working. As i checked in, he kindly said "oh i'm sorry you can only use one piece." I put the rest in my backpack and went back. He said "sorry for the inconvenience, but you can turn in one paper to get another scratch paper if you would like." he was super kind although he was super stressed. What did i learn... don't judge a person by the exterior. People who should have been nice were complete jerks, and people do unexpected kindness. It is kind of Daoist Idea. Just keep in mind your actions are noticed, so let them be seen for good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hippie, the Guru of Our Times

Energy Crisis!! What kind of crisis? Energy Crisis! I’m pretty sure we can all admit that gas is expensive. I drive a very economic Honda Civic EX with a 4 cylinder engine and usually get around 32-38 mpg. Pretty good right? Still, I am feeling the energy crunch. Last week, I paid 40 dollars for a tank of gas minus the 5 cents/gal I saved at Harmons :D (oh wait that’s only 50 cents…). So what’s the solution you ask. Who knows you ask? Well, the hippies do. I will tell you why we are in an energy crisis based on hippie principles. So pull up your hemp chair, stop bathing, get your homemade granola, and start singing Kum Bai Ya.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In other words, energy can only be transferred. We can only get energy from other things. The most stark example of this is gasoline, which seems to affect us the most. The hydrocarbons make up oil and are highly reduced macromolecules that produce a good amount of kcal/mol. They were made from a long process of taking organic material probably from the Cretaceous Period (I believe- don’t quote me on that). These were organisms like animals and plants, which is believed to be the major component of oil. They all die… blah blah blah… bam! Oil in 2008. It is a transfer of solar energy to living organic compounds into hydrocarbons into gas into energy, which makes the world go round. Further, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that everything ties to gas from food to transportation gas affects it all.

Question… What would have happened if the plants had all died back in the day? We would not be here or have the “advances” we have today. No plants→ no animals, no gas no cars, no trucks no foreign imports of mangos! And quite frankly, I love my mangos.

Plants are pretty important. A few years ago scientists proposed ethanol as a fuel source. Like gasoline, it is also a reduced hydrocarbon. All fruit bearing plants produce ethanol; it is the substance that ripens fruits (this is why you should put unripe fruit inside a paper bag to up the concentration of ethanol). Seemed like a good idea? Just remember how I was against it in the first place!!! I said how farms would start growing ridiculous amount of corn (or sugar cane in Brazil) which would drive the prices of every other grain up. Also everyone jumped onto the idea during its prototype stage even though it was not cost efficient yet- but everyone was hyped up on ethanol (ha ha it’s also a form of alcohol) and everyone jumped on the bandwagon made of corn. So instead of savings from gas, there was a transfer of cost to other things, which came around to bite us in the butt once again.

Additionally, growing one type of plant will exhaust the nutrients of the fields. Since plants are completely autonomous, they have to produce everything by themselves. Amino Acids, components of proteins; Nucleotides, monomers of RNA and DNA; Lipids, very crucial in all cells; and Carbohydrates, sugar etc, all have to be produced by one organism. Amino Acids require nitrogen and despite its atmospheric abundance, nitrogen needs to be fixed in the soil. Nucleotides require phosphorous. Lipids and Carbs require water and CO2 for the most part. As such, fertilizer is used to subsidize the soil. If you have ever looked at the components of fertilizer, there are usually numbers for the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous. Remember this as I move onto another point.

Let’s look at the “savage” landscape which functions completely without human assistance (ha ha it’s like an oxymoron). Rainforests are abundant with life; in fact, it is said that there are virtually thousands of organisms are still unknown to man. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem that does not need man to fertilize the land or on the verge of an energy crisis! The rainforests today parallel the ancient forests that became oil. So how are they self-sustaining? Bacteria fix aerosol nitrogen into the soil (legumes do the same but use symbiotic bacteria in nodules to accomplish the same goal). They also tear apart dead organisms and recycle the nitrogen. Similarly phosphorous is recycled from DNA of dead organisms. Why can’t modern society do the same… It is because we are doing the opposite.

We could do the same but don’t. Nutrient rich matter is thrown away as garbage and taken to a landfill where inorganic material supposedly “degrade” but in reality don’t for 20, 30, 50, or in the case of Styrofoam, it doesn’t. The organic material is lost. Bacteria still do their job in decomposing material. In fact, a Windex plant runs completely off of the landfill fumes produced by bacteria. I commend them for that. Furthermore, some organic materials can’t be used anymore. Reason is that they are full of hormones, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. I don’t know if I like that to be recycled. Further, remember how we are so reliant on plants for energy? Despite conservationist tree planting parties, there is the modern trend of cutting down trees. It is not just in the Amazon but even in our own backyards. We cut down trees for house and replace them with grass. We may even buy different trees which are not acclimated completely and are not mature. Basically, we need “savage” nature.

Is there a solution in sight? No. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. A solution isn’t just doing one thing. It is a life style change. I guarantee there isn’t going to be an invention that will restore viable energy, get rid of green house gases, restore forests, or return nutrients to the soil. We can all agree there are issues and wish for change. Stop wishing! Do something about it. Here are a few, reasonable ideas: grow organic, compost pile, farmers market, alternate forms of transportation, turn off the lights, stop buying Styrofoam (I hate that stuff), recycle, take public transportation. I want to discuss compost- it’s a good way to restore nutrients into the soil and helps get rid of garbage. Public transportation seems like an inconvenience. In other parts of the world/country (NY, Hong Kong), public transportation is really convenient. The more people use UT’s the better it will get. If there is the demand, it will happen.Stop complaining about gas, stop wishing someone would do something…. Do something now!

Happy Hippie to you!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Time to get out Hillary

Don’t get me wrong- I still believe that Hillary would be the better candidate. After listening to tidbits of the DNC discussion over MI/FL pledged delegates, I’ve decided that this has to end. The bickering, the complaining, and the alleged “prejudice” needs to stop. The Democrat Party needs to come together and get rid of this fighting. Throughout the announcement of the delegate allocation, jeers and complaints interrupted the flow of the decision. When I heard this, I thought it was completely ridiculous. It sounded like SNL. It needs to stop or else further polarization of the party will continue. People were saying McCain’s name- that is uncalled for. No one wants to hear his dirty name… seriously. It needs to end, and it needs to end now. The more it is drawn out, the more ridiculous it becomes. I still believe that Hillary is the better candidate but I also believe that Obama is the better movement. Hillary would have made a better president, but I will support Obama.Additionally, I believe that Hillary would have still had a chance, but the media coverage skewed the opinions of Americans. Ever since Indiana, Hillary has had significantly less coverage. Let’s face it- we’re Americans, we like our TV. If the media would had covered Hillary more, the race could have still gone on for her. Granted it would still be an uphill battle, but it would have given her a boost.

In conclusion, I still believe Hillary would be more electable, but Obama needs to lead the party to the Presidency. Hillary needs to get out graciously and campaign heavily in OH, WV, KY, FL, PN, and NH for Obama. Hillary, you’re the man- so suck it up and get out with dignity. As such, I officially switch my super delegate vote to Obama. Good Luck Man!

Oh wait, I forgot- I’m not a super delegate… never mind. :D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zombies in my Dreams

For a week now, I have not had a single good night’s sleep. The reason being is that I have been having Zombie Dreams. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous and quite childish, but I hate Zombies with a passion. I fall asleep my normal way, and my dreams become the usual array of random images which eventually turns into a story. I always meet a group of new people in my dreams, and there is always one of them that I mistrust. Then an outbreak of Zombies comes to our attention, and we are forced to run for our lives. For some reason, I always find secret passages and hiding places, but despite my efforts disaster strikes. It turns out the fishy person is really a Zombie in disguise that not only opens the passages to other Zombies but also starts chewing on members of the group I’ve been saving. (Lame! What a jerk!) With the outbreak of Zombies, the world goes to shambles. The bright sunny scene is now covered in darkness. Cities turn to ruins and are filled with garbage. Fields of grass turn into nuclear waste sites. Happy Homes turn into buffet lines for the flesh eating. It’s disturbing to say the least. Worst of it is that my mind does not seem to have a filter. Bloody and decrepit corpses line the streets. Smashed toys add to the garbage infested landscape, and dogs chew the fresh bodies because they are starving to death and any meat will suffice. One time with much struggle, I finally started the engine of an empty car only to be cornered in a school yard where Zombie children envelop the vehicle. The chilling sound of their nails scratching the car still creeps me out. I cried as I accelerated over their bodies, but at least the cries of those in the car are quieted. Another time right before the outbreak, I was driving when all of a sudden a child on a bike rides in front of my car and I can hear him say, “This will make you stop.” I felt the car jump as it went over his body, and I heard the crunch of bones under the weight. I rush out of the car in a panic just be overtaken by the Zombie child and his brother. I wasn’t bitten and luckily escaped. Through the whole series of dreams, we never find a place of refuge. Armies lead by the mistrusted ones always find us, but we are always one step ahead. While running, you can see those who still don’t believe in Zombies and mock those run. They are later overtaken and join the troops of the dead. There are those who cage themselves and never leave. I told them that if they stay in the city, the Zombies will eventually get them. Then there are those who are sick of running and either just get eaten or cage themselves as well. Lastly, there are those of us who keep running, always getting further away but closer to who knows what. Yeah pretty messed up I know. I love scary movies, but I haven’t seen one in over 3, 4 months. If you think this is “I Am Legend,” the only similarity is that there are zombies, but I’m pretty sure Will Smith didn’t have to run over children or see the Zombies eat his friends and family. I’m really blogging to get these nightmares out of my head. I bet their symbolic; if they repeat, they usually are. The four groups of people seem like the four groups of the parable of the sower but who knows.
Please comment! If you know anything to help or see any symbolism, please let me know! I’d really appreciate it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

McCain on Foreign Policy

In a speech on foreign policy in Los Angeles, McCain proposed one of the most radical ideas in history. He proposed to remove Russia from the Group of Industrial Nations and draw a line between China as well. He then wants to add India and Brazil. This will create a "cold war" like embargo but in an economic stance. This will add tension on the world market. Yet, does McCain realize that the difference between now and the original cold war is that Russia is now one of the largest producers of oil and China is growing 3 times faster than the United States? The stress this move would cause is insurmountable. The tension would leave the United States even more unstable economically. Perhaps WWIII won't be fought with guns and tanks but rather it would be fought with embargos, taxes, and forcing countries into economic depressions while stable ally countries will refuse to help for fear that they too will be drawn into a depression. Traditional economic policy is a death sentence. How can the United States possibly survive with an ever growing global economy? The government needs to include Russia and China to help stabilize the world's economy or more importantly ours. Or perhaps, everyone would rather see food stamps instead of dollar bills and third world streets instead of golden roads. What can we do? Vote!

Oh and read the next post about my general political ideas :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jarom Chung- On Politics

Warning!!! This is highly politically charged!! Don’t let my small sense of politics influence your thoughts. Also, we are friends regardless if you agree :D.

For some time now, I’ve known which candidate I support, but due to the “anti” sentiment in Utah I’ve never openly endorsed a candidate neither have I commented upon which party lines I fall. Well, I’ve decided to stir things up and endorse Hillary Clinton as the best candidate for president.Why I’m a Democrat: My views on most controversial topics is the same; it is that each person should research the pros and cons of each side and decide independently on which side they fall. Everyone should have a definitive opinion that has been research and sought after. Without research, an undecided opinion is better than faking one or even going with what everyone else thinks- that is the worse you can do! I am a Democrat based on principles especially regarding economics (this ultimately made me decide that I was a Democrat). I researched the two parties a few years ago and decided that there were more pros to the Democratic Party than the Republican in my opinion. In particular, I believe that the government involvement in economics is crucial to the US economy especially in an ever-growing world market.

Why I’m a Moderate Democrat in practice but am liberal minded: I’m not a liberal Democrat nor am I a conservative Democrat. I am liberal minded in that I try not to immediately judge a certain group. I believe in a non-agitated, free exchange of ideas and that everyone has a voice/perspective that should be expressed. I enjoy talking to people of a different religious tradition, different racial or cultural background, or controversial life styles. My thoughts on McCain: I like how he is nonpartisan in his politics. He is more of a moderate Republican that doesn’t care about party lines but believes in the best for the country. However, I do not side with McCain on his lack of knowledge/plan for the country’s economy. To me, he seems like a continuation of Bush policy which really has created more problems. The government really needs to do more regarding prices of gas and food, searching for an alternative fuel that is not ethanol, world economy with the dollar lowering in price, outsourcing jobs, and the recession in general. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, it’s broke let’s fix it by changing it.

Thoughts on Obama: First off, he is a great candidate and if the nomination (which he probably will be) I will support him full-heartedly. But I need to express my thoughts on something… One thing that bugs me is that all “young” people support Obama without really knowing much about him. All they really know is the phrase “Change” which sounds hopeful but really is quite ambiguous. They just know that he is young and black- isn’t that cool? He’s a “breath of fresh air that really represents the younger population.” Unless they are true liberals, I don’t know why they support him. Do they know that he strongly supports abortion even in the third trimester when the baby is practically born? Don’t the people who say “if you’re in America, you should speak English” know that he strongly opposes English as the official national language? Don’t they know he has an alternative plan to universal health care? All the “young” voters see is that he young, hip and can connect with them on a more “down to earth basis.” All I see is a lack of experience. They hear “change” and know that it sounds good so it must be good. This “ambiguous” change simply represents their ambiguous, conscious stream of reality. They must be too drunk to actually research about the issues. Oh wait, even LDS people throw themselves over Obama… what does it say about them?

Thoughts on Hillary: I really like her platform all around. There are some points with which I disagree with. But overall, I like her as a candidate. She basically has the same platform as Obama aside from universal health care.

Who would be the best candidate: Well, I want a Democrat in White House primarily for economic policy. I don’t think Obama can do it. If he is the Democratic nomination, I will support him full heartedly. I believe he will do well in uniting the country and in healing the country after the Bush administration. I don’t believe he will do much as far as policy, but he will be a good president to follow. The president after him will also do much for the country. However, his inexperienced scares me a little. He can do it, but Hillary has more of a foot in the door. She has a lot of “baggage” from Bill, but she also has many ties that Obama does not even compare. Her policy would be more in effect than Obama’s would (granted they are basically about the same platform more or less). I believe that Hillary would do better matched up with McCain than Obama would. She is more experienced as I said. Also she is more electable. Bush won the nomination based on two big swing areas in the last two elections: the mid-west (OH, KY, WV, PN) and Florida. Especially in the first area, no president has ever been elected without that area. Hillary won in all those states. She appeals to the Red Democrats/the Reagan Democrats/ the blue collar whites. That is why she has done well in those states. Obama comes across as elitist and well… is black. In a poll, 22% of West Virginians said that they wouldn’t vote for Obama based on race. That is 22% that admit it!! That means it’s more like 44% of the population! That is a lot. He cannot appeal to that class which is needed to win. When Bill won his election, he also won OH, KY, WV, PN. I just don’t see how Obama could win those votes. Also there is a poll that shows Hillary as more electable over McCain; when asked who would they vote for between Obama and McCain it was a tougher battle. Lastly Florida should be seated- it is a swing state and between the two states that were not counted- there was a record amount of voters (2.3 Million!). They need to be heard- disenfranchisement is denial of human rights. You can change rules; you can’t change the constitution!

Solutions?: who knows… I believe that Hillary would be the most electable. An Obama Clinton ticket doesn’t make sense and goes against everything that Obama stands for. However, a Clinton Obama ticket does make sense. Hillary’s platform is better, and she has more ties. Then after Clinton’s terms, Obama could run with his experience and his good standing with the public. This makes the most sense. However, it won’t happen. Someone told me about a governor in KS that’s a woman and how she has the same strengths as Clinton but she is not Clinton. It could work… I just hope Obama can get Clinton’s supporters…. So Leave your thoughts… I’m totally nonaggressive when talking politics (I like to talk/discuss about them but never argue). So if you have any new thoughts let me know… and if you’re not registered, I can help you with that :D.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Lottery Curse

Money doesn’t bring happiness. For every gospel principle/commandment there is a temporal blessing as well as a spiritual blessing. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the principle of not gambling/to save your money. Gambling can be fun and often lucrative. So what’s the blessing from not gambling? Well, one obvious result is that you are not addicted to gambling. However, not everyone becomes addicted to gambling, yet we are still counseled against it. This morning on CNN I was listening about the “Lottery Curse.” A woman, who recently won the Georgia lottery for a sum of $11 million, was shot and killed this morning by her ex-boyfriend. Another winner of $17 million in 2003 was convicted of drunk-driving and drug usage. She was in an accident and killed the passenger. She is now serving a sentence in jail. Also a man, who won $315 million, was robbed numerous times for 100 of thousands of dollars and later his granddaughter OD with severe consequences. Perhaps, the temporal blessing is that money changes people- if it does not change us, it will change the ones around us.