Wednesday, March 25, 2009

386 a number that describes my life

How to start how to start... hmmm... We'll start with a story. (Note- this may seem scientific, but I'll try to limit my nerdyness BD-- by the way that is a smiley face with nerd glasses on... tilt you head to the left)

Currently, I am in Dr. Laura Bridgewater's Molecular Biology class (MMBIO 240) which I love more than anything. Dr. Bridgewater was not always Dr. Bridgewater to me, but in fact she use to be Sister Bridgewater when I use to home teach her back when she lived in Draper. Well, she knows me well, and on the second or third day of class we were doing an exercise. It was an exercise to figure out the molecular weight of 4 Amino acids, which help make up proteins. The average amino acid weighs about 110 daltons. Amino acids are linked together by taking out a water molecule H2O.

Dr. B "Ok class, let's bring it together... let's see who wants to give the answer... hmmm maybe someone I know."
*my heart Drops*
Dr. B "Jarom! what is the weight of this polypeptide"
Me "Shoot... ok I got 386"
Dr B - looking a little puzzled "How did you get that"
Me "Well I saw there were 4 R groups which yields 3 peptide bonds. So 4 times 110 is 440...."
Dr B - "alright" as she smiles
Me "then since a peptide bond is made from taking out a water molecule. I took the molecular weight of water 18 times it by the number of peptide bonds 3 which gives 54. I subtracted this amount from 440"
Dr B - "Woah Woah woah" she said while I was giving this explanation
Me- "which yields 386"
Dr B - smiles "that's far above the call of duty. Your answer of 440 was sufficient." she smiles... I am red or as red as I can get ha ha...

Was I wrong in the answer... some would say no in fact my answer was more precise and correct... but overall I was wrong. Did I get the right answer- through my logic yes... and I did understand the material and had 440 as the original weight.

386 mimics my life. I over think instead taking the simplest answer. I always wonder if my dramatic nature causes me to overthink or am I dramatic because I overthink. Basically, I wish things were simple, but at the same time, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I see things differently and find beauty in the mundane. And I discover the 386s when everyone else can only see the 410s.


Britt said...

I like this. Once, my roommate yelled frantically from her room to me, "AM I HIGH-STRUNG?!!" This is sort of like that.