Friday, May 22, 2009

Man Bag

Let me start out by saying a few things.

1) I am Straight. I like women (except when they break your heart, but even then I still find them ridiculously attractive).
2) I like backpacks. I periodically change them out, and I have about... hmm... 6 in my condo right now and not to mention all the ones I have at home.
3) I like fashion. We all know this. I'm not ashamed about it.
4) I'm straight. Did I say that already? Just had to make sure.

Ok onto the juicy stuff....I may have accidentally created and been using a man bag for the last 2-3 months. Let me explain... And please don't laugh about it too much. Ha ha ok you can.

Remember my post about jeans and the obnoxious worker there that claimed boot cut was going "out." From grief of the comment, I quickly bought 3 identical pairs of the same jean to stock pile a potential cold winter in the pants world. This wasn't my only effort to protect them. Originally what sparked me to buy new jeans was due to the degradation of my old ones. Like most guys I kept my wallet in my back pocket. This unfortunately burned a hole through the jeans in the shape of the wallet. My brother Ammon scorned me and said how I should never put my wallet in my back pocket. If you know Ammon, you HAVE to listen to him. Well, ever since then I started putting my wallet in my jacket coat, which didn't really work out. Consequently, I moved it to my backpack, which I always have with me. It seemed like a perfect idea. It worked out great... except when I would go to the store and realize that I don't have my wallet with me. Of course, I would only ever realize this as I was checking out. There were at least 3 semiembarassing moments that I can pin point off hand.

Well recently I changed bags from my faux Diesel backpack to an Aldo messenger bag. It's a backpack right... nope not anymore. The instance I put my wallet in that awesome bag, it became a MAN BAG!!! AHH!! I still haven't decided what to do. I have yet to take my backpack into stores except when I forget my reusable grocery bags (go green :D). Even then, I have only taken in my backpack not my messenger bag. Oh what to do what to do.

So I was trying to find a picture of my new messenger bag. Instead I found a money clip on sale... for $8!!! needless to say I bought it. Dang it.

I was going to put some pictures up... but all the man bags look... well like man bags. Mine is a messenger bag!!! Just to specify.

Once again... I am straight. By the way, should I blog about certain girls or not? I don't think they'll know who they are. Hm...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's 11:11

I haven't blogged in a while. I am tired. I was trying to think of a cohesive theme for this blog... still thinking... yep nothing. Well I'm just going to spill everything in my mind.

Girls: There is this really cute, amazing girl that I'm trying to date. We went to Ball together! It's true- I wore a tux. I would post pictures but she has them all, and I am still unsure if she like me or not. Oh Miss Half Japanese Girl (comes from El Scorcho by Weezer) if you do like me, show me a definitive sign. She actually has been showing me plenty of signs according to others; however, as semi cliche as this sounds, my last relationship really messed me up. I can't seem to get back on my game. Here is small letter that I wrote...

Dear Heartbreak- I don't understand you. Please get off my property immediately or I will call the authorities. Your Acquaintance, Jarom.

Other bittersweet moments... marriages and missions. I miss everyone so much already, but I am so thrilled you are all moving along with your lives. PS please take me with you. Love always Jarom

School: extremely busy! It seems like I am more busy now than I was during the normal school year. What am I doing to myself?

Food: Okay I have been baking a plethora of sweets. hmm perhaps I will add pictures. For those who know me well, of course I threw my own fling into the mix, but the pics are from the original recipe. One more thing... here are some great substitutes for buttermilk and heavy whipping cream. For buttermilk it's 1 c milk 1 tblsp vinegar or lemon juice. HWC it's 3/4 milk 1/3 butter. They are great! Ok here's the cakes

1) Carrot Pineapple Spice cake.
2) Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake
3) Orange Buttercream cakes with Chocolate ganache

Here's a final picture of me and my good friend Lindsay Swapp who is currently in the MTC to serve in Fiji French speaking. We are at our friend, Elisa's, wedding.