Friday, December 26, 2008

One Whole Week

Hands Down- this Christmas was amazing. I absolutely love getting together with all my siblings. The only complaint I have is that it seemed too short- we really need like a week retreat in some remote cabin (hmm someday perhaps). The cabin would have to be decked out with amazing food (smoked salmon was definitely the high light of the season), awesome games (N64 Bond, Guitar Hero World Tour- so freaking fun, apples to apples... and ping pong- not my favorite), and of course random memories and laughs.

Updates on my AMAZING gifts this year- A food processor! it's all I wanted and the sibs were awesome to get it. Not only that but it was Hamilton Beach! ok for those who don't know... it's just amazing. Also a Food Network cook book- and my parents got me money for skiis! yes- excellent for sure. Clothes as usual. Oh and of course expensive, foreign, extremely dark chocolate- this year's winner is Lindt's Dark Chili Chocolate- it has an amazing aroma with an earthly taste. the chili gave it immense depth and there was a slight tingle as an after flavor. Christmas = Amazing

I had to come back to work today. But I got a CHRISTMAS BONUS!!! a really big one too! I definitely couldn't complain. Basically, it paid for all my Christmas presents- amazingly enough.

I came back to my condo after one week to find the place a complete mess! I counted the dishes- 21 plates, 16 bowls, an array of utensils and a million cups. The family room was a mess, and the only remotely clean place was my desk- which I cleaned right before I left. After work, I bought groceries for the semester... not an exaggeration. Tonight I have made two pizzas and a meatloaf is in the oven as we speak. I will soon by making mashed potatoes and starting to marinate chicken breast, salmon, and tilapia filets. I'm preparing meals for myself- i've decided i need to make my health a priority.

I will be alone for a week. So far I love it. I cleaned everything. I am making food. I've thoroughly enjoyed the TV and my music. Right now, I honestly want to get my own place. We will see in a week.