Friday, May 9, 2008

The Lottery Curse

Money doesn’t bring happiness. For every gospel principle/commandment there is a temporal blessing as well as a spiritual blessing. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the principle of not gambling/to save your money. Gambling can be fun and often lucrative. So what’s the blessing from not gambling? Well, one obvious result is that you are not addicted to gambling. However, not everyone becomes addicted to gambling, yet we are still counseled against it. This morning on CNN I was listening about the “Lottery Curse.” A woman, who recently won the Georgia lottery for a sum of $11 million, was shot and killed this morning by her ex-boyfriend. Another winner of $17 million in 2003 was convicted of drunk-driving and drug usage. She was in an accident and killed the passenger. She is now serving a sentence in jail. Also a man, who won $315 million, was robbed numerous times for 100 of thousands of dollars and later his granddaughter OD with severe consequences. Perhaps, the temporal blessing is that money changes people- if it does not change us, it will change the ones around us.


Lianne said...

That is pretty crazy to think about that. We all think that it would be great to win the lottery. But I guess it would only be great if no one else knew that you had won it...