Friday, May 16, 2008

McCain on Foreign Policy

In a speech on foreign policy in Los Angeles, McCain proposed one of the most radical ideas in history. He proposed to remove Russia from the Group of Industrial Nations and draw a line between China as well. He then wants to add India and Brazil. This will create a "cold war" like embargo but in an economic stance. This will add tension on the world market. Yet, does McCain realize that the difference between now and the original cold war is that Russia is now one of the largest producers of oil and China is growing 3 times faster than the United States? The stress this move would cause is insurmountable. The tension would leave the United States even more unstable economically. Perhaps WWIII won't be fought with guns and tanks but rather it would be fought with embargos, taxes, and forcing countries into economic depressions while stable ally countries will refuse to help for fear that they too will be drawn into a depression. Traditional economic policy is a death sentence. How can the United States possibly survive with an ever growing global economy? The government needs to include Russia and China to help stabilize the world's economy or more importantly ours. Or perhaps, everyone would rather see food stamps instead of dollar bills and third world streets instead of golden roads. What can we do? Vote!

Oh and read the next post about my general political ideas :D


Lianne said...

I think it's great that you know and care so much about politics. I am so politically retarded, and I definitely don't follow it as much as I should. So way to go!

The Watkins said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts on politics. It has made me think more about several ideas.