Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zombies in my Dreams

For a week now, I have not had a single good night’s sleep. The reason being is that I have been having Zombie Dreams. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous and quite childish, but I hate Zombies with a passion. I fall asleep my normal way, and my dreams become the usual array of random images which eventually turns into a story. I always meet a group of new people in my dreams, and there is always one of them that I mistrust. Then an outbreak of Zombies comes to our attention, and we are forced to run for our lives. For some reason, I always find secret passages and hiding places, but despite my efforts disaster strikes. It turns out the fishy person is really a Zombie in disguise that not only opens the passages to other Zombies but also starts chewing on members of the group I’ve been saving. (Lame! What a jerk!) With the outbreak of Zombies, the world goes to shambles. The bright sunny scene is now covered in darkness. Cities turn to ruins and are filled with garbage. Fields of grass turn into nuclear waste sites. Happy Homes turn into buffet lines for the flesh eating. It’s disturbing to say the least. Worst of it is that my mind does not seem to have a filter. Bloody and decrepit corpses line the streets. Smashed toys add to the garbage infested landscape, and dogs chew the fresh bodies because they are starving to death and any meat will suffice. One time with much struggle, I finally started the engine of an empty car only to be cornered in a school yard where Zombie children envelop the vehicle. The chilling sound of their nails scratching the car still creeps me out. I cried as I accelerated over their bodies, but at least the cries of those in the car are quieted. Another time right before the outbreak, I was driving when all of a sudden a child on a bike rides in front of my car and I can hear him say, “This will make you stop.” I felt the car jump as it went over his body, and I heard the crunch of bones under the weight. I rush out of the car in a panic just be overtaken by the Zombie child and his brother. I wasn’t bitten and luckily escaped. Through the whole series of dreams, we never find a place of refuge. Armies lead by the mistrusted ones always find us, but we are always one step ahead. While running, you can see those who still don’t believe in Zombies and mock those run. They are later overtaken and join the troops of the dead. There are those who cage themselves and never leave. I told them that if they stay in the city, the Zombies will eventually get them. Then there are those who are sick of running and either just get eaten or cage themselves as well. Lastly, there are those of us who keep running, always getting further away but closer to who knows what. Yeah pretty messed up I know. I love scary movies, but I haven’t seen one in over 3, 4 months. If you think this is “I Am Legend,” the only similarity is that there are zombies, but I’m pretty sure Will Smith didn’t have to run over children or see the Zombies eat his friends and family. I’m really blogging to get these nightmares out of my head. I bet their symbolic; if they repeat, they usually are. The four groups of people seem like the four groups of the parable of the sower but who knows.
Please comment! If you know anything to help or see any symbolism, please let me know! I’d really appreciate it.


Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

I've studied your dreams...& i wish i was able to help you.. i say you seek professional help ;)

rachel said...

after long contemplation and serious analysis, this is what I have come up with:

Zombies = dead things, aka, something you thought you had taken care of or finished with, but upon discovery, still haunts you, and still has not been dealt with.

fishy person = perhaps there is someone who you've just begun to get to know who you don't mistrust, and who in fact, brings up this "past" of yours, that has been left unresolved.

(other group of people = your friends, perhaps?)

secret passages/hiding places = what you've tried to do to deal with this unresolved problem. apparently, it does not work.

Zombie children = the persistence of this problem and unresolved situation. these children are the resultant perpetuation of you being unable to finish or deal with a certain issue in your life. obviously you hate killing them, and they're incredibly creepy--but they are the effective results of something you have neglected to do, and consequently, you are being forced to pay the price.

these issues are obviously affecting your family and friends--whether it be because of your mistakes, or because your friends/family are making the same mistakes as well. the people who are tired of running become swallowed up in the problem, and it consumes them. on the other hand, you continue running from the issue, but still haven't solved the initial problem, which is why the dreams continue recurring.

hahaha. okay. so I just made up that entire thing in like 5 minutes. seriously though, I hope they go away.