Monday, September 15, 2008

Who wants to hear something funny?

On Saturday, I went on a date (and no that's not the funny part). She's a really cool girl- and regarding girls, I like dating someone that is really put together but still has fun and also someone that is very smart which adds a little ecentricity by nature. My date Jane is all of the aforementioned characteristics- she's pretty cool if I say so myself.

The date consisted of dinner, which ended up lasting 2 hours with neither she nor I realizing how much time went by. Then we went to this concert at the Sandy Amphitheater. Our original plan was to go to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibit which ended up changing. The type of music was alright; however, it was neither Jane's nor my favorite type. As such, we spent the night gazing at the stars.
While gazing, I remark "Wow- space is so weird." She responds, "Why?" I answer saying, "If you go up there, you like die." After I said that, all my conscious effort to dress sophisticated and to not be entirely immature went out the window. I am a blonde inside a Chinese body. It was fine. I immediately resopnded with something that had happened that night. It was funny... I feel Stupid. :D Yeah, my goals for improving my speech are not really helping quite yet- ha ha.


Anonymous said...

You are on a role, two blogs in a row that don't mention Paul or Andrea. I am impressed.

Lianne said...

That is pretty funny. You definitely sounded very intelligent. ;) Ha ha. Glad that you had fun on your date though!