Sunday, September 7, 2008

Warning- Philosophies

Hey all- I've had some thoughts... Now to spill about life "philosophies."

Note *don't take these as like super wisdom- it's just observations that I have found to be true.

Relationships: I've come to characterize connections between people in 5 different types:
1) Physical
2) Spiritual
3) Intellectual
4) Emotional
5) Social
The more connections you have with another person makes a stronger relationship. Ultimately, one would hope that their spouse has all 5 types of connections.
Although these seem semi-specific, the connections do not necessarily mean that each of the two parties share the exact thing in common. Rather, it could mean that they compliment each other. For instance, I have these friends who are dating. When i asked one of the about the 5 types of connection, she responded to intellectual by saying how she is going into nursing and he is going into architecture. I replied saying that they don't have to be exact but they share ideals of higher education as well as they can appreciate each other's passion ion their specific field. Later, she wasn't sure about the social connection- i jumped in saying that they are really good socially together. They mesh well and aren't awkward but are on the same social connection. They have many of the connections, so we'll see where it goes :D.

Mature vs. Immaturity:
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. One characteristic (notice i say 1) of immaturity is the fact that they will say that they are mature. Just think when you were 12 and said "I'm mature and can make my own decisions" as compared to now, you realize how naive you were. A person that is mature will in fact recognize their immaturity as a way of improvement. An immature person is quick to emotion and slow to change. A mature person will think about both sides and will make a decision based on other things besides emotion.

Yep- that's what's been on my mind.
Peace out


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Joseph and Katie said...

thanks for sharing. great insights...... :) a little deep for me at the moment, i'll have to come back and read this again! i'm a little groggy right now but i wanted you to know that i read this and appreciated your thoughts, so that you wouldn't feel lame for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. We think alike.